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arguelles 2018
Adresse Celestino Junquera, 4 GijónAsturias
Téléphone +34 985 359 888
Horario Tuesday to Sunday: 8:45 to 20:45 h.


His new premises have supposed the definitive qualitative leap for a pastry chef who seeks quality in everything he lays his hands on. He has the advantage of belonging to a prestigious lineage with origins in the Nalón mining valley, and the inconvenience that his surname sometimes weighs heavily on him. Yet Toño has managed to carve out his future thanks to his non-stop drive. His new pastry shop could perfectly well be located on Fifth Avenue. So a visit is a must!

Top 5: Bartolos, panetonne, fine chocolates, Italian artisan ice cream and puff pastry.

Sweet-thoothed speciality: Latido de Argüelles-On a crisp Breton hazelnut shortbread, a ganache made of milk chocolate with a bitter counterpoint in the shape of a chocolate square-



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